H40FN February 2012 DX-Expedition to TEMOTU

Now it was my expedition No. 5 to Temotu and again I’m planning to go back in December 2012. As usual Peter DG1FK came with me along and was doing PSK and RTTY while I was doing CW operation. For 30 minutes I tried to do SSB but I gave it up since my ears are handicapped to understand voice. Together with a heavy SSB pile up I’m lonely lost in the desert and only CW is easy to me to understand.

Bild1: Sigi’s shack H40FN
Sigi’s shack H40FN

We took again the convenient flights with Singapore Airlines from Frankfurt to Singapore and Brisbane. Solomon Airline took us from there to Honiara. Once arrived we were leaving the airport at last since our pack with the fibre glass poles and the antennas did not arrive. Our 100W base station was packed in hand luggage, so no problem to have at least 100 W and a piece of wire ready for quick QRV. The suitcases came with all the items except the antennas. So we left next day Honiara to Temotu without antennas. It turned out finally that the pack stucked in Australia and came 3 days later but was deposit only in the custom’s warehouse because we were sitting in Temotu and could not pick it up. The customs denied to pass it with the next flight to Temotu since we would have to clear it personally. So we left it behind and took it 2 weeks later on our departure back home.

Bild2: Peter’s shack table H40FK
Peter’s shack table H40FK

Arrived in Lata/Temotu we moved into our small hotel (LATA Motel) as done in the past but this time the nice spacy yard was fully built with nice looking palm leaf cottages and a big satellite antenna. Now more wires were crossing the air and to errect long verticals was even more difficult. Nevertheless the jungle offers enough to survive, even very long bamboo poles of 14m each and we’d got 4 of them. 2 bamboos were placed 20m in distance. On one we put along a 12 m vertical wire and at the top another 8m horicontally. A second 20m wire was stretched at the feeding point 2m above ground as a resonant radial. The antenna was fed with a self made ladder line. Last year it turned out that a commercial 450 Ohms ladder line from USA did mismatch the antenna when it was raining and was the reason to kill our PA because of worse SWR. The end of the horizontal wire of the L-shaped vertical was insulated and then continued with a Delta loop designed for 20m (3 x 7m). The flat part was up and the peak was looking down where it was fed also with the self made ladder line. It faced Nort-East (North America) for 30-10m. For Europe we have had a 40-10m G5RV built up on a third bamboo like a sloper.

Bild3: Hotel yard and antennas
Hotel yard and antennas

The life at the hotel was as simple as usual and this time we had a lot of additional food bought in Honiara such like onions, garlic, potatoes, noodles, tin cans of meat etc. all what was not available in Lata. On the local market we were again very disappointed because no fruits except bananas were available. We missed pine apples and papayas and nobody could say where they were gone.

Bild4: Lata market place empty as usual
Lata market place empty as usual

My preferable bands were 80, 30 and 15m. Europe was reasonable good on 30 and 20m, the rest was mainly contacts with W and JA. 160m was weak with 15 QSO, 80m was good with 400 QSO. There were 2 other friend expeditions in the neighbourhood, my Hungarian friends FWØNAR and other Germans ZK2C. All in all H4ØFN made 4130 CW QSO and 20 SSB QSO. Peter H40FK was better than last time but the last 30 PSK QSO he did not achieve to fullfill the 1000 QSO.

Bild5: Twice a week fish time
Twice a week fish time

Unfortunately many HAMs did not follow the advice given in www.qrz.com. The result will be that I do not issue QSL to them because of misregarding my advices. All QSL will be sent out by my new manager HA8DD via buro. By now early April 2012 all direct cards are handed over to the post office and will surely arrive at your address by end of April 2012. I would like to point out my warmest thanks to those HAMs who followed my wish for a donation with the direct QSL request and together with Peter we could collect 700 US $ profit which was handed as a donation to the local TEMOTU hospital for suffering children. Mr. Augustine Belve the Director of Nursing welcomed the donation and expressed his greatest thanks to the HAM community.

Bild6: Donation for hospital
Donation for hospital

The time went bye and the 2 weeks were over soon and we went back to Honiara to take our lost antenna luggage from the customs warehouse where Maggy H44MK was waiting for us. Maggy promised to take care for our wishes during our stay.

Bild7: Tobacco for a walk man’s foto
Tobacco for a walk man’s foto

My license will expire by 31. December 2012 and the application for another 1 year was done. Hopefully it will arrive soon. We went home end of February and Peter informed me about very bad news that he does not want to come back with me again because of the very hard life in TEMOTU. He prefers to spend rather holiday in ZL next time so Sigi H4ØFN will be active in December 2012 as a single operator. Hopefully the life in Temotu improves to have more choices of food, lower prices, reliable air traffic and less moskitos. The malaria tablets I took whiped me several times down with high blood pressure, nervous sleeping problems and sweating. No insect spray helped and my skin was broadcast with a lot of insect marks like in the past.

Bild8: Maggy H44MK is everywhere
Maggy H44MK is everywhere

On our flight home back to Germany we have met the Embassador of Taiwan on the Solomon Islands Sir Roy Y.Y.Wu at a stop over at Brisbane’s airport. We have had a nice conversation with him to introduce our amateur radio hobby and our doings in Temotu. He is a very nice gentleman also telling us about his time when he lived in Europe for a while. He invited us for a visit next time at his office so we can see which projects are going on supported by Taiwan’s government on the Solomon Islands.

Good bye TEMOTU, hear you again in December 2012 / January 2013 from LATA/Temotu Province, Solomon Islands.

Please read again my information given in www.qrz.com

Siegfried Hari
April 2012

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